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Project Management Details

What's better than having a plan for a server upgrade?
Having a Plan B if things go wrong!

Before engaging in any work that could negatively affect your daily workflow, we review the service that will need to be performed, what it will affect and prepare for a backup plan in the event something goes wrong. This means having spare hardware, backup copies of applications and data, full backup tape for restoration, and 3rd party tech support ready for action.


If we decide the service to be done will be a massive upgrade or change, we will perform a few trial runs on our servers and equipment before we attempt to perform the service on your network. We want to take as many preventive measures as possible. This ensures when we are ready for your network, we've encountered any and all problems associated with the service, so your experience is smooth and as error-free as humanly possible.

No Worries

Since you are under our Network Management contract, we do all of this for you at no charge! And in the off-chance there is a problem with the service, you will not receive another bill from VecSector, LLC except for our regular service contract fee. No worrying of "how much will this cost" - we love to take care of our clients and this is one way to show our dedication.

Quick Turn-Around

Even though we provide this much service for your project, our turn-around time is very quick. We can redesign a network topography in an hour, have contingency plans for server migrations in a few hours and a complete network overhaul in less than a day. We're professionals and it will show in our work and work ethic.