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Get Free Service?!

Did you know it could be possible that you could get all these services we provide for free? Occassionally we find businesses are overspending on telecommunications, unnecessary service contracts, or just by switching to our network management contract from the reactive support from other companies. Here's an example, we examined an attorney's telephone bills and noticed he was leasing equipment for almost a thousand dollars per month, when we could buy and install the same equipment for a little over one month lease from the vendor. This provided about a thousand dollar savings per month for the remaining 11 months of the year. More than enough to pay for our services for years...

Knowledge is Power

Making educated decisions on your IT infrastructure can increase employee productivity, reduce operation costs, or streamline processes. By utilizing the skills of our team and experience from other businesses in your industry, we can quickly give you better insight into productivy and try to save you time and money in the process.

Peace of Mind - No more Second Guessing

By having professionals reviewing your Information Technology infrastructure, you can rest assured that the policies and procedures implemented are the best fit for your business. No more worrying if you alonge made the right choice, you'll now have a team of professionals to help guide you through your IT decisions, just as your accountant helps you with your tax decisions.

Wealth in Numbers

One benefit of signing up with VecSector, LLC is to leverage our buying power. The more clients we have, the more buying power we all have and the better deals we can get. For example, if we have 4 clients with 10 PCs and they all need antivirus protection - we could order a 50 pack of licensing averaging in a lower cost per computer for everyone rather than if each had purchased separately. We also run purchases through all clients when we have a large order due to the big savings you can obtain.