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What is Network Monitoring?

Our software intellegently analyzes your network traffic and monitors the performace of your key network equipment such as routers, switches, firewalls, and gateways. The information collected is very detailed and gives information on a per port basis and separated by type of traffic. These reports allow us to quickly find trends in slow/sluggish network activity so we can fix the problem instead of "work around the problem".

What about my data?

Your corporate data is not captured or stored on this server. The only information we store is the technical information of the data. Here are some examples of what we analyze:

  • How fast did the data transfer from one PC to the other
  • When 10 workstations connect to the server - what is the processor utilization of your switch or router
  • When are the peak network utilization
  • Are any network devices performing at 80% or higher
  • Do any devices hit 95% at any time during the day

These reports allow us to address or prevent network bottlenecks and ensure you are running at the best possible speeds.

What happens if something is found on the network?

If a problem is detected on the network, a support ticket is submitted to our support center explaining the problem. The ticket will then be assigned to a technician for review and work begins on a resolution to this problem. There is nothing required on your part. This is one of the many advantages of having a Proactive Network Management Team!