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Customer Server


Starter Package
bulletFree Phone Support
bulletReduced Hourly Rates
bulletPriority over Random Calls


The Starter Package is your introduction into network management.
Good fit for home based businesses or small networks.
Advanced Package
bulletFree Phone Support
bulletFree Onsite Support
bulletPriority over Basic Support
bulletEssentual Server Monitoring
bulletSame Day Response


The Advanced Package is a great step towards an active role in network management. You gain monitoring only on the critical processes of your main server, including security patches.
Product Information
bulletAll Inclusion Support
bulletTop Priority Service
bulletFull Service Monitoring
bulletFull Service Monitoring

bulletProActive Administration


The Absolute best package we offer! This gives complete network monitoring, free phone and onsite support, no hidden costs, consulting services, monthly reports and active monitoring and updating of all computers on your network.